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Mount Arjuno Welirang trek three days two night starting from Tretes, camp overnight in Pondokan or Lembah Kidang in first day and then in second days we’re summit Arjuno, and then comeback to campsite. In the third days we’re summit Welirang and then comeback to campsite for prepare trek down in the permit office.

Permit office Tretes

Itinerary Mount Arjuno-Welirang 3 Days 2 Night trek:

Arrival Day: The Day you arrive at East Java, in Juanda Airport, Malang Railway Station, or Purabaya bus station or any other place, we will come to pick up you and then transfer to your hotel in Tretes, Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java.

In Hotel our team will meet you and then explain trekking procedure, climbing terms condition, and briefing your personal stufs.

Day 1:

We will meet in hotel at 6-7 a.m and then preparing to hiking Arjuno Welirang. At 7.30am registration in permit office Tahura National Park.

Next, we’re start walking from permit office (Pos 1) 1030 masl  to Kop-Kopan 1647 masl (Pos 2) in about 3 hours. (617meter with elevation 20-60 derajat). And then we’re taking a rest in Kop-Kopan for lunch at And then we’re continue from pos 2 Kop-Kopan 1647 masl to pos 3 Pondokan 2486masl. In about 3-3.30 p.m we’re arrive at Pondokan and build tent for taking rest. We can enjoy coffe, tea, and bread and continue to overnight in there.

Area camp Lembah kidang or Pondokan

Day 2:

Prepare summit Arjuno in about 1.30-2 a.m, before that we’re eating for prepare our stamina. From Pondokan to Lembah Kidang in about 30 minutes. And then Lembah Kidang-Pasar Dieng in about 2 hours 30 minutes. Next, we’re already trekking from Pasar Dieng to Top of Arjuno in about 30 minutes. At 7-9 a.m enjoy top of Arjuno, you can take a picture or enjoy nature. At 10 am we’re trekking down to Pondokan.

Top Arjuno mountain 3.339 Masl

In Pondokan at 12 -2 pm we’re taking a rest and our team will prepare for lunch. 2pm-6pm freetime.

At 6.30pm-8pm dinner  and coffe break in campite Pondokan. At 8pm-2am we’re overnigh in there.

Day 3:

Trekking to welirang mountain

At 2am-3am we’re prepare summit Welirang. Before that we’re eating for prepare our stamina. From Pondokan to Taman Dewa in about 2 hours. And then at 4.30 – 6 am we’re trekking summit Welirang . you can enjoy top of Welirang and enjoy sunrise up to 9 am. Next at 9 am – 11 am we’re trekking down to Pondokan and prepare for comeback. Before that we’re prepare stamina with lunch at Pondokan.

Top Welirang mountain 3.156 Masl

And then we’re trekking down to Cop-copan in about 1 hour 30 minutes. Next, we’re continue walking to permit office in about 1 hour. And then we’re confirm to officer Tahura national park.


Arjuno welirang 3 days 2 night Package Price Includes:

  1. Pick Up from any location within East Java and transfer by private car to Tretes, Prigen.
  2. Accomodation in a comfortable hotel in Tretes for one night
  3. Quality camping equipment: tents, matras 5-7cm thick, lamp tent, camping chair, toilet tents
  4. An experienced English Speaking Guide and professional porters
  5. Permit letter
  6. 3 time meals a day, snacks, fruits, 4,5 litre mineral water (1 people)
  7. Transfer to meeting point
  8. Tahura Insurance

Rate payment Arjuno-welirang Trekking via permit office Tretes

Meeting Point Basecamp :

1-3 pax 3.600.000/pax

4-6 pax 3.000.000/pax

7-9 pax 2.500.000/pax

Meeting Point Surabaya or Malang :

1-3 pax 4.100.000/pax

4-6 pax 3.300.000/pax

7-9 pax 2.700.000/pax

More Information trip 0896-7575-3691 (Reza)

Lembah Kidang campsite

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